Export Information

 Duckwall Fruit has many long-lasting and loyal relationships around the world; the oldest such association dates back to the 1920s with an importing firm in Stockholm, Sweden. The world recognizes the Duckwall label for consistent quality that translates into customer satisfaction. The Duckwall reputation allows us entrée into many foreign markets and our quality pack assures excellent condition on arrival in the country of destination.

Duckwall Fruit was honored to have received the President’s E-Award for export which was presented by the Secretary of Commerce in 1965. This prestigious award recognizes firms that make a significant contribution in increasing US exports. Export customers still represent a major portion of our business.

Anjou pears comprise the greatest share of our pear exports, followed by Bosc, Red Anjou, and Bartlett varieties. Our primary export markets are the Scandinavian Countries, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, India, UAE, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Peru, Fiji, Dominican Republic, Canada, and Mexico.

Duckwall Fruit is always open and receptive to explore new export opportunities.