Officer Profiles


Staci Coburn – CFO, 2010-Present

Graduated from Boise State University with a BBA in Accounting, and later earned her CPA license. Worked at Columbia River Bank for 12 years and left with the title of EVP/CFO after working her way up the chain of command ladder. Started working for Duckwall Fruit in 2010, and here Staci remains as the Company’s CFO.

“My favorite part of working for Duckwall Fruit is the ability to work in a team environment at a Company that is well respected in the local community, as well as throughout the pear industry.”



Fred Duckwall – CEO, 1992-Present

Graduated from Oregon State University with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Food Technology. Participated in ROTC at Oregon State and served in the Army for two years and National Guard for seven years. Worked for Foamat Foods in Corvallis, OR as the Production Superintendent and came to work for the family business in 1971.

“The best part of my job, hands down, is getting acquainted with the people who work here. There isn’t a better crew in the pear industry. I am grateful to be here and thankful for the opportunities that I have had.”



Kathy Nishimoto – Vice President and HR Director, 2009-Present

Selected to participate in U.S. Bank’s Management Training Program at Portland State University. Worked at U.S. Bank for 15 years under the positions of: Teller, Officer, Operations Manager and District Operations Manager. Began working at Duckwall Fruit in 1992 and after a year of employment with the Company, Kathy created the H.R. Department and subsequently became the H.R. Manager, and then H.R. Director before moving into her current position.

“I love the people at Duckwall Fruit. I enjoy being able to support the Company’s mission and philosophy.  Maintaining integrity with all people is a driving force.”


Ed Weathers – President and Sales Manager, 2013-Present

Graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Business Management. Worked in the Bay Area for a produce broker selling an assortment of produce (tree fruits, potatoes, onions, berries, melons, and hot house vegetables).  Ed returned to Duckwall Fruit in 1995 with a vast amount of selling experience under his belt.  After many years of dedicated service Ed has been promoted to an officer of the Company.

“Working with such a highly motivated team at Duckwall Fruit makes the job incredibly personally rewarding.”